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What is a Wall Decal?

A wall decal is a beautiful work of art that is made-to-order for you. Matte vinyl is a very thin material and when the wall decals are placed on your wall, they look painted on. There are samples of the wall decals that you can try.

  How long do the wall decals last?

Our wall decals are made to last for many years of enjoyment. If you take care of the wall decal that you purchase, you will find that it will last for at least 3 years or more. Your new room décor will look great and stay perfect with little moisture or humidity. You also need to apply the wall decal correctly.


  Can You Remove a Wall Deal?

Because the wall decals are super thin, yes you can remove them but you will not be able to reapply them to another wall.


  Will Wall Decals Cause Wall Damage? 

If you apply your wall decal the proper way it will help to protect your wall. When you are removing your wall decals it is important to use a blow dryer as you peel it off the wall. This will thin out the vinyl and loosen the adhesive for easier removal.


  Are they Easy to Apply?

Each wall decal comes with easy to follow instructions. Your room décor will look perfect with your new wall sticker. If you are applying a large wall decal you may want to have the help of someone.


  Does it take a Long Time to Apply?

It generally takes an hour or less to apply your wall decal. If you have purchased a wall decal that comes with several pieces, you are still going to find that your wall sticker takes no time to apply.


  Are Wall Stickers Only for Walls?

As long as you have a surface that is flat and clean, you will be able to apply your wall sticker. This includes mirrors, doors, glass and even wood.

  What about Textured Walls?

If your walls are textured, you can still use a wall sticker. You can get samples to try if you are not sure how they will look.


  Does the Paint type make a difference?

Matte paint is the best paint for your wall decals. It is possible to use them on a semi gloss or high gloss paint but they may not stick as well or last as long.


  How Long Should I Wait After Painting?

If you have just painted your walls it is best to wait at least two weeks. You want to give the paint enough time to completely cure. Your wall decals will stick better and last longer if the paint is completely dry and has enough time to sit.


  Where Do the Wall Stickers get made?

The wall stickers that we create are all made in the USA. 


Feel free to contact us to ask any questions! 

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